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Classroom School Uniforms ( Items)

School uniform pants, shorts and scooter skirts for boys and girls from Pants styles include stretch and pull-on. There are many low-rise and natural-rise styles for tall girls and large girls. Smart shorts that are suitable for school wear can be hard to find, but the flat-front shorts and pants here are generous in the leg and fit the bill for all juniors. Flat-front shorts and pants have a fly front with a hook and bar closure. Most items are available in subdued uniform colors, namely; black, navy, and khaki. Pleated tab-front scooter skirts come in different lengths and have built in shorts for comfort and modesty.

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If you are looking for a wholesaler to supply your school’s parents with a wide range of sensible and modest clothing suitable for juniors, then is the bulk supplier you need. You can take orders from parents and put together a big order that qualifies for massive discounts on store prices for children’s schoolwear. Size options are exceptional and cater for every child in your school.’s classroom uniform items are designed for practicality but are still fashionable and school children love the style. GotApparel also sell other items your pupils will need such as girls’ short-sleeve t-shirts and boys’ jackets.
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  • Robert Duncan

    6/25/2020 11:31:56 PM
    Classroom Uniforms

    I asked around at church and found people were less than happy with the uniform pants we could find locally so I started searching online. I found this site and was impressed with the number of different pants’s. I made a few phone calls and soon found I had parents outside the congregation were ringing me to add their kids uniform to the bulk order I was putting in. I did add $1 per item to raise money for the church and I told everyone I was doing that. The prices were there on the web page so nobody thought they were being conned.

  • Lilli Stangl

    6/24/2020 2:39:38 AM
    Classroom Uniforms

    I have 5 juniors looking for uniform at the same time! (I know, don’t judge me) Before I discovered this site I varied between one horrendous shopping expedition with 5 kids, or an equally awful week of taking them one at a time. I now browse this web page, choose what I think is best, measure the kids and order. All done in one hour! Happy Mom ?

  • Elsie Stone

    6/22/2020 2:40:08 AM
    Classroom Uniforms

    Our school decided to order uniform items for parents this year because it was easier than dealing with all the unhappy parents who complained they could not find items that we knew were widely available in local stores. We could make money and still undercut brick and mortar stores. It WAS a lot of work for a couple of volunteer parents ( I was one), but it did raise school funds at a difficult time AND helped parents get the uniform they needed cheaper.