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Ladies dress shirts are a must in every young and adult woman’s wardrobe. While they may seem formal and stifling, women’s dress shirts have come a long way, even becoming a fashionable piece. At Gotapparel.com we have a large range of women’s dress shirts, from the most classic, professional ones, which almost invariably belong with a suit, to the trendier, fashionable ones, which come in bright colors and subtle patterns. Our collection features a selection of the best American brands such as Van Hausen, Port Authority and CornerStore, with styles to fit and flatter any size a woman could ever need, at great, affordable, discounted prices. You can easily start building your professional wardrobe with one or more women’s dress shirts.

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Besides being a great staple for school and work, women’s dress shirts are a great way to turn an overly casual outfit into something appropriate for a serious event. Inexpensive high quality women’s dress shirts make you look nice and well put together without much effort. In today’s busy times, anything that helps you save time is a valuable commodity. We have women’s dress shirts that are easy to wash and dry and easy to simply throw on and look nice without any extra fuss. Look into other casual apparel with our fashion tees, button downs, and performance polos.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Harriton M510W Women 3.1 Oz. Essential Poplin
Posted:6/9/2019 10:21:52 PM
Reviewer:Jasmine C.

This is really a great product. It was tailored properly, and you can see its durability with how it was sewn. The sizes and pictures posted are all exact and it has great color choices. I really like to use this as my office attire because it is really comfortable to wear.

Harriton M510W Women 3.1 Oz. Essential Poplin
Posted:6/2/2019 9:44:11 PM
Reviewer:Marthena Adams

I’m really not a fan of shopping online but I badly needed a poplin top for my weekend event. I didn’t have time to drop by to any mall due to my busy schedule. It really amazed me with the excellent quality and fits me perfectly. I can say that this was really a hassle-free shopping.

Harriton M510W Women 3.1 Oz. Essential Poplin
Posted:6/2/2019 9:43:53 PM
Reviewer:Samantha Walters

It arrived sooner than I expected, and I must say I am really a satisfied buyer. I really like how it was properly sewn. And it fits me right and has a really vibrant color. It was really worth the money. I even tried washing it right after I received the product and no there was no shrinking. Highly recommended.