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The Van Heusen roots start out in 1881 with the Philips family. Moses and his son Isaac sold woolen work wear shirts made by his wife and daughters to coal miners out of a handcart. The Philips family grew in popularity because their shirts were so durable and long lasting. Aspiring to greater heights, the family moved to NYC in 1910 where they eventually partnered with Dutch immigrant, John Manning Van Heusen, who had developed a soft folding color that maintained a stiff collar look without the discomfort. The Philips-Van Heusen brand developed a reputation for quality, creativity, and innovation. At we are happy to showcase a variety of modern Van Heusen styles for men and women at easily affordable prices.

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The Van Heusen brand has come a long way from basic woolen work shirts. Today’s work shirts include button downs, Oxfords, dress shirts, and other sporty styles for not just men, but, also, working women. Van Heusen dress shirts have been named the #1 dress shirt brand in America in U.S. Department and Chain Stores and can be found being worn by respected business professionals all over the nation. Van Heusen dress shirts can be dressed up or dressed down with a variety of accessories, jackets, and other work wear.
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