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Rabbit Skins Infant and Toddler ( Items) carries the entire range of Rabbit Skins clothing for infants and toddlers. Rabbit Skins infant bodysuits start at newborn size and go up to 24 months’ size. There are different types of cotton and polyester or 100% cotton Rabbit Skins bodysuits in up to 19 colors depending on style; long or short-sleeved, lightweight for summer, and medium-weight for cooler weather. Rabbit Skins infant tees come in up to 51 (fifty one) colors depending on style. You can order long-sleeve tees for winter or cool climes, and short-sleeve tee for summer. The Rabbit Skins range offers every option. The Rabbits Skins bow-tie bodysuit will be a favorite as a gift from doting friends or grandparents.

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Page 1 of 212» can supply bulk quantities of Rabbit Skins infant bodysuits and tees at wholesale prices that are typically 57-75% below retail prices. You can add your markup and still sell the range of Rabbit Skins babywear below MRSP. Add cute text and your logo to offer your customers a unique range of good-looking baby outfits. Personalization is done using embroidery or screen printing (for larger text/images), and is easily added on the order form. Check out the complete range of toddlers’ clothes and tie-dyed t-shirts for boys to complete your children’s clothing range.
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Rabbit Skins R3400 Toddler 5.3 Oz. Lap Shoulder T-Shirt
Posted:6/9/2019 10:18:19 PM
Reviewer:Michaela Langlois

The shirts came a day late but that’s okay. I must say I’m surprised by the quality of Rabbit Skins. I mean, it’s better than the baby shirts sold in outlet stores. I know it’s just baby clothes so no fancy design. But I make sure the fabric is safe for the skin. So far, so good.

Rabbit Skins R3400 Toddler 5.3 Oz. Lap Shoulder T-Shirt
Posted:6/2/2019 9:40:45 PM
Reviewer:Ollie Rosenberg

OMG, these shirts are so cute! I got a pair of red ones for my friend’s baby reveal party. The style is really cute. I really like the seamless design. Plus, the fabric! So smooth and soft. Real cotton. I’m happy with the shirts and I’m sure my friend will like it, too.

Rabbit Skins R3400 Toddler 5.3 Oz. Lap Shoulder T-Shirt
Posted:6/2/2019 9:40:26 PM
Reviewer:Liz Shorter

I have a high standard when it comes to buying clothes for my kids and I must say this brand falls a little below. The shirts are nice. The fabric is good but not great. It is just there aren’t too many color options. And the sizes are limited (no options for chubby ones).