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LAT is a bulk supplier of Lat apparel for women with a wide range of Lat brand t-shirts. Wholesale prices are 57-75% lower than MRSPs, so you can add personalization to give you a unique range of apparel, add your margin, and still offer great value to customers. Lat t shirts for women are available in different styles including lace-up neck, V-neck and crew-neck styles. Women’s Lat tees are also offered in long-sleeves and short-sleeves styles. There are tank tops and a tank dress in the Lat apparel for women range. All garments come in a good range of colors and sizes.

Are you a retailer looking at the Lat apparel range as the basis for a unique range of products to sell? Most tees are 100% cotton for its comfort and absorption qualities. Men’s and women’s t-shirts are well-cut and perfect for any retailer of fashionable casual clothing aimed at young people. You can pay a freelancer to design a logo that will appeal to your customers and add that embroidered logo to every garment. You can also use screen printing to add larger witty text to personalize your Lat brand t-shirt range. Complete your range by ordering women’s capri pants and leggings.
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