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Landau Scrubs & Uniforms ( Items)

Wholesale medical scrubs and nursing uniforms by Landau from in a wide range of styles and colors. Perfect for branding your dental, veterinarian or medical practice. Modern, smart and well-designed with attention to details like pockets and cuffs. Landau skirts, pants, tops and more are all available at large discounts. Do you need maternity pants or tops for pregnant employees? offers maternity pants and tunics in many colors and sizes so your pregnant employees still conform to the same dress code as other team members.

Landau 3138 Men Lab Coat at GotApparel
5 out of 5
$36.97$48.0623% OFF
Landau 3148 Men Lab Coat at GotApparel
$27.97$36.3623% OFF
Landau 3187 Unisex Lab Coat at GotApparel
2 out of 5
$26.97$35.0623% OFF
Landau 3200 Men Jacket at GotApparel
$16.89$24.9732% OFF
Landau 3178 Women Cover Coat at GotApparel
$27.97$36.3623% OFF
Landau 3124 Men Lab Coat at GotApparel
$22.97$33.9732% OFF
Landau 3140 Men Lab Coat at GotApparel
$34.97$45.4623% OFF
Landau 3145 Men Lab Coat at GotApparel
$27.97$36.3623% OFF
Landau 3155 Women Labcoat at GotApparel
$20.27$29.9732% OFF
Landau 3166 Men Lab Coat at GotApparel
$19.59$28.9732% OFF
Landau 3174 Men Notebook Lab at GotApparel
$35.97$46.7623% OFF
Landau 3230 Women Consultation Coat at GotApparel
4.67 out of 5
$24.97$32.4623% OFF
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No matter what your corporate colors are, has the Landau medical workplace uniforms you need. There are 16 base colors including white, and black. Need a logo or other personalization? offers a wide range of smart options to help make your employee uniforms stand out from the crowd. Every item, from surplice tunic to cargo pants is available in every size you need from extra small to 5XL, so every member of your team will find an outfit that fits. You could buy men’s and women’s warmups, tunics, and surplice tops all in the same color scheme so everyone wears the same colors whether they work in a warm office or in a cool reception area where layering is necessary. Got Apparel also offers other items you should check out including women’s vests, girls’ fleece jackets, and men’s polos.
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  • Steve Garcia

    6/24/2020 3:14:35 AM

    I am a pharmacist and have never understood why pharmacy assistants wear lab coats – They come undone, flap around and knock things off shelves. So I decided to change things. I took everyone’s sizes despite complaints from some employees about breach of privacy and ordered 3 sets of Landau scrubs for each person. They wash them because I have nowhere to use as a changing facility so they have to wear them driving in and driving home. Several people have told me the scrubs are much easier to care for than lab coats because only need an occasional rub with an iron.

  • Alex Lopez

    6/22/2020 3:14:55 AM

    My store sells workwear to local companies. I stock mostly hi-vis vests, outdoor jackets and waterproofs, but I recently added a line of Landau workwear. The reactions I have had have all been good. I outfitted my store assistants and office staff in them and use them as models for business owners who come in the door looking for office wear that meets sensible requirements of cover up. They are amazed that they can buy pants, skirts and tops that will have all their employees looking the same. They are over the moon when I say I can personalize anything I supply.

  • Nancy Allen

    6/19/2020 11:16:26 PM

    I was looking for something suitable for the staff at the summer camp I run and saw this range of Landau scrubs and uniforms – PERFECT I thought. Casual, easy to clean, cool and I can even put the camp logo on everything so the pics look good and I can use them on Facebook.