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Tooniforms from Cherokee Scrubs ( Items) supplies wholesale, bulk quantities of Tooniform scrub tops and jackets. Exciting printed designs for male and female employees mean that your staff can have a uniform and still look great. Cartoon characters bring joy to frightened children’s faces when they need it most. Matching scrub hats set off the look for theater staff who are face-to-face with young patients. Toooniform scrubs are available in v-neck styles for men and women. All come with pockets and in different sizes. All GotApparel’s medical workwear is offered at wholesale prices that are often less than half the retail prices.

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Tooniforms from Cherokee scrubs are perfect for any medical or dental facility where children might be nervous patients. You can customize the back of any top with your logo design or any text (humorous or otherwise.) Matching scrub hats complete the look. Matching women’s zip front and snap front warm up jackets complete the uniform look for employees who need to layer up to stay warm. sells women’s white lab coats in various lengths to suit women of all sizes. Check out the company’s range of scrub pants and full range of medical scrub hats that are the perfect complement for Tooniform tops.
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  • John Johnson


    I am a hairdresser and wanted something different from the standard black polo-shirt uniform all hairdressers wear. So I ordered 20 sets of Tooniforms scrubs. Each employee chose one style, chose their size and I ordered 4 sets for everyone. Now, I see people pausing on the street to look in the window. The cartoon scrubs are an essential part of the FUN atmosphere we have here. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a light-hearted moment or two. The girls al wash their own ‘uniforms’ and they always look smart.

  • Maria Parker

    6/24/2020 3:28:30 AM

    A fellow dentist recommended these Tooniform scrubs for medics. Patients love them. We have always tried to be a fear-free dental practice, but these scrubs add a Fun aspect to our work. We want to help children especially to see the dentist as an essential service that is fun instead of scary. I like that the scrubs come in sizes to fit everyone. That was actually crucial in our decision to purchase because our nurses and dentists come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Nadia Ehrler

    6/22/2020 3:28:50 AM

    I ordered these for my veterinary practise. The patients don’t care what we look like, they just care about our smells! But the people are the ones who pay the animals’ bills, so if we can make them happy they will be a little less unhappy about paying for our services. The Tooniforms scrubs are much more practical than plain scrubs because hairs don’t show the same way with the prints. I customized the order by adding our logo and name on the front of every top. Perfect