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Littmann ( Items) can fulfill institutional orders of both diagnostic and monitoring stethoscopes with a wide range of 3M Littmann stethoscopes to choose from including the Littmann Classic III monitoring stethoscope with a range of tubing color options. If you are looking for original Littmann stethoscope parts such as large and small soft-sealing eartips, you can find them on this site.

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Page 1 of 41234» is a wholesaler and bulk supplier of all things medical, from workwear to stethoscopes. Many items carry large discounts, and multiple orders attract even lower prices. All stock levels quoted on the order form relate to items actually in stock at GotApparel warehouses on the East and West Coasts, so delivery delays are minimal and you can expect your stethoscopes and other items to arrive within a few days. Order any scrub tops and lab coats you need on the same order form.
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  • Walter de Smet


    The only problem I have had with my Littmann stethoscope is the tubing. It needs to be longer when auscultating horses and other large animals. I prefer to be a bit further away from a bull than the standard tubing on this instrument allows. That aside, I am very happy with my purchase.

  • Amirah Pearson

    6/24/2020 3:27:30 AM

    I bought my first stethoscope, a Littmann III when I was 14 years old, which was when I decided to study medicine. I bought my first Littmann master cardiology instrument a few weeks ago. I was always happy with the Classic, but the improvement with my new cardio stethoscope blew me away. I can never go back. The auscultation experience with my new instrument is much fuller and more detailed. It’s like listening to a Deutsche Gramofon Beethoven LP played on a Linn LP12 turntable compared to a cheap tape cassette of the same performance. There really is no comparison!

  • Linda Roberts

    6/22/2020 3:27:48 AM

    I use a Littmann Classic myself (Just bought a new one) and speak from experience. I am often asked to recommend a good stethoscope to my student nurses. I always tell them to get a Classic III even though it costs more than many are happy to spend. I point out that this professional quality instrument will last ten years and it costs less than a day at the hairdressers. That helps put the price into perspective.