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Tri-Mountain Women's Polo Shirts ( Items)

Affordable Tri Mountain polo shirts are popular all over the world and are sometimes also known as golf shirts and tennis shirts. As matter of fact, polo shirts started life as tennis shirts. René Lacoste, a seven time Grand Slam tennis champion, felt that the standard tennis uniform was incredibly uncomfortable and too bulky for the movements required for a good tennis game. He modeled his first tennis shirt in 1926, but didn’t start mass production until 1933. It didn’t take long before the tennis shirt inspired other sports to adopt it, first by polo players and later by golfers. Pop culture suggests the Lacoste shirt crossed over to golf after President Eisenhower wore it. Since then the comfort and versatility of the polo shirt has made it a staple for all kinds of activities, including sportswear, casualwear, and business wear. provides an affordable and popular selection of Tri Mountain polo shirts.

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Polo shirts are wonderful alternatives to stiff dress shirts. Tri Mountain polo shirts are easily distinguished from an overly casual t-shirt with their perfectly laid collars giving them a distinctively more formal look. With their wrinkle free materials and easy to wear style, polo shirts are popular for use with work wear, athletic wear, and business wear.