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Red Kap PT20 Men Industrial Work Pant

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$40.47   $24.28
Red Kap PT20 Men Industrial Work Pant at GotApparel
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Red Kap PT20 Men Industrial Work Pant

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$40.47   $24.28 GotApparel New In stock! Order now!
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  • 65/35 poly/cotton twill with Touchtex™ technology for superior color retention,
  • 7.5-ounce, Soil release and wickability
  • Jean-style waistband with button closure
  • Two front and back pockets
  • Odd numbered waist sizes (27, 31, etc.) not available.
  • Not all inseam lengths available in every waist size.
  • Please inquire for availability.
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  • Care Instruction: Machine wash cold. Non-chlorine bleach, when needed. Tumble dry medium. Do not iron decorations/customization.
    Cotton/Polyester Fabric7.5 oz WeightMidweight ThicknessStain Resistant TreatmentTagless Tag
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    27x37$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 32 In Stock
    28x30$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 67 In Stock
    28x32$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 51 In Stock
    28x36$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 114 In Stock
    28x37$59.95$59.95$59.95$112.41Out of Stock
    29x36$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 111 In Stock
    29x37$59.95$59.95$59.95$112.41Out of Stock
    30x28$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 11 In Stock
    30x30$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 80 In Stock
    30x32$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 98 In Stock
    30x37$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 258 In Stock
    31x37$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 186 In Stock
    32x28$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 39 In Stock
    32x30$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 778 In Stock
    32x31$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 925 In Stock
    32x32$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 495 In Stock
    32x33$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 999+ In Stock
    32x34$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 626 In Stock
    32x37$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 560 In Stock
    33x37$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 625 In Stock
    34x28$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 193 In Stock
    34x29$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 90 In Stock
    34x30$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 670 In Stock
    34x31$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 902 In Stock
    34x32$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 683 In Stock
    34x33$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 999+ In Stock
    34x34$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 403 In Stock
    34x37$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 653 In Stock
    34x40$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 556 In Stock
    36x28$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 216 In Stock
    36x29$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 172 In Stock
    36x30$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 811 In Stock
    36x31$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 120 In Stock
    36x32$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 743 In Stock
    36x33$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 999+ In Stock
    36x34$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 224 In Stock
    36x37$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 783 In Stock
    36x40$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 148 In Stock
    38x28$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 694 In Stock
    38x29$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 128 In Stock
    38x30$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 594 In Stock
    38x31$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 55 In Stock
    38x32$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 446 In Stock
    38x33$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 972 In Stock
    38x34$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 154 In Stock
    38x37$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 443 In Stock
    38x40$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 129 In Stock
    40x28$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 817 In Stock
    40x30$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 508 In Stock
    40x31$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 54 In Stock
    40x32$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 310 In Stock
    40x33$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 740 In Stock
    40x36$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 516 In Stock
    40x40$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 194 In Stock
    42x28$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 714 In Stock
    42x30$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 286 In Stock
    42x31$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 18 In Stock
    42x32$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 184 In Stock
    42x36$24.28$24.28$24.28$40.47 136 In Stock
    42x37$59.95$59.95$59.95$112.41Out of Stock
    44x30$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 84 In Stock
    44x31$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 347 In Stock
    44x32$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 113 In Stock
    44x36$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 251 In Stock
    44x37$64.75$64.75$64.75$121.41Out of Stock
    46x30$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 75 In Stock
    46x36$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 45 In Stock
    46x37$64.75$64.75$64.75$121.41Out of Stock
    48x30$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 84 In Stock
    48x36$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 148 In Stock
    48x37$64.75$64.75$64.75$121.41Out of Stock
    50x30$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 45 In Stock
    50x36$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 65 In Stock
    50x37$64.75$64.75$64.75$121.41Out of Stock
    52x36$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 72 In Stock
    54x36$26.08$26.08$26.08$43.47 45 In Stock
    54x37$64.75$64.75$64.75$121.41Out of Stock
    56x36$29.68$29.68$29.68$49.47 51 In Stock
    56x37$74.35$74.35$74.35$139.41Out of Stock
    58x36$29.68$29.68$29.68$49.47 41 In Stock
    58x37$74.35$74.35$74.35$139.41Out of Stock
    60x36$29.68$29.68$29.68$49.47 36 In Stock
    60x37$74.35$74.35$74.35$139.41Out of Stock
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    • 65/35 poly/cotton twill with Touchtex™ technology for superior color retention,
    • 7.5-ounce, Soil release and wickability
    • Jean-style waistband with button closure
    • Two front and back pockets
    • Odd numbered waist sizes (27, 31, etc.) not available.
    • Not all inseam lengths available in every waist size.
    • Please inquire for availability.
    XS 24-26
    S 28-30
    M 32-34
    L 36-38
    XL 40-42
    2XL 44-46
    3XL 48-50
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