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Carrier Bags & Messenger Bags ( Items)

Carrier Bags/Messenger Bags

For many busy people, carrier bags and messenger bags are necessary parts of everyday life. At we have a large selection of canvas bags for men and women, including laptop bags, camera bags, utility bags, and messenger bags from the greatest American brands such as Gemline, Authentic Pigment, Liberty Bags, Big Accessories, and a lot of others, in a large number of sizes, designs and colors, to accommodate your every need and preference. For your convenience, you can shop our whole collection below at the best, most competitive wholesale prices, so you can find and start using the canvas bag of your dreams as soon as possible.

Carrier and messenger bags don’t have to be boring. While traditional carrier bags aren’t exactly stylish, they have definitely come a long way since the first laptop bags came around. Nowadays messenger bags are an essential for both men and women, and they are used not only for work or to carry tech devices and work materials, but also as style accessories and everyday bags. Many carrier bags serve multiple functions carrying everything from electronic devices to files and papers, as well as, writing devices and mundane items like wallets and keys. We have a large variety of bags including backpacks, fashion bags, and tote bags.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Authentic Pigment 1902 Unisex 14 Oz Canvas Field Bag
Posted:5/5/2021 12:00:00 AM

I have 3 of these amazing bags. I love them and you can not beat the price. Washable and they go with every outfit.

Authentic Pigment 1902 Unisex 14 Oz Canvas Field Bag
Posted:11/5/2015 5:22:44 AM
Reviewer:Ralph Russell

I ordered 2 classy bags. It’s a good deal all around. Prices are great. Shipping and handling were quite reasonable. I'm well-satisfied with my purchase. I like it very much.

Authentic Pigment 1902 Unisex 14 Oz Canvas Field Bag
Posted:10/23/2015 12:44:25 AM

I'm hawker, I wear this bag with lots of newspapers its not stylish but its very helpful for my daily earning. I wear it over cross shoulder. This strap is very strong can hold lots of weight.