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Visors are quite interesting accessories. Initially invented to aid players when engaging in sports like tennis and golf out in the sun, inexpensive visors were eventually adopted into casual, every day wear, as well as, vacation wear, and they come back as a fashion trend every few years. At we have a great selection of beautifully stylish golf visors from great American brands like Anvil, Authentic Pigment, Adams, Big Accessories, Champion, UltraClub, Hyp, Sport-Tek, Yupoong and many others, in a nice range of colors and styles and at greatly discounted, wholesale prices.

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Affordable visors are great ways to shield your eyes and face from the sun as well as nosy onlookers while you are enjoying the outdoors, whether while sunbathing, taking a walk or simply enjoying a stroll while on vacation. Our affordable prices mean you can stock up and always have a nice visor at hand when you’re out and about, and you can even choose as many as you like, so you’ll have endless options to match your casual outfits. These sporty hats keep the sun out of your eyes without keeping you too warm by covering your entire head. Our other headwear options include beanies, bandanas, and baseball hats.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Augusta Sportswear 6227 Athletic Mesh Visor
Posted:9/28/2019 5:54:09 AM

Love this visor. It is high-quality and inexpensive. Perfect for playing tennis. Extremely satisfied!

Ultraclub 8103 Unisex Classic Cut Chino Cotton Twill Visor
Posted:2/26/2019 9:00:36 PM
Reviewer:Pete W.

I had a client who wanted to give her team visors with their team logo on it. It was a breeze putting the visors on the heat press machine, and their logo ended up looking great on the visors. The fabric quality is just wonderful!

Ultraclub 8103 Unisex Classic Cut Chino Cotton Twill Visor
Posted:2/25/2019 9:23:48 PM
Reviewer:Janice A.

Got these for cheap. I figured that way in case I lose one, I’m not going to get upset. But I like these visors so much that I’ll be upset if I do lose one. They’re very lightweight, so I’m not even conscious I’m wearing it while playing tennis.