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Infants & Toddlers T-Shirts ( Items)

Short Sleeves

Tiny tot sized t-shirts and short sleeve shirts are an essential in every infant, baby and toddler’s wardrobe. offers a large selection of infant snort sleeve shirts for boys and girls, in many different styles, designs, sizes and colors. In this page you can shop through several high quality pieces from great American brands like Rabbit Skins, Code V, Anvil, Precious Cargo, Bella, Gildan and many others, at very appealing, competitive, discounted wholesale prices for your own babies or to gift expecting friends or family members.

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Besides being very cute and comfortable for the little ones to wear, short sleeve shirts are highly versatile and easy to pair with a number of pieces to create baby outfits, both for boys and girls. Affordable short sleeve t-shirts are great for babies to wear outside in the warmer months, but they are also great for them lounge in while indoors during the colder months, as they can hardly overheat in them. Many young infants and toddlers are most comfortable in just a short sleeve t-shirt and a diaper. In addition while potty training, just wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and a pull up or training underwear makes for an easier transition. We also offer long sleeve t-shirts, onesies, and caps.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Rabbit Skins R3400 Toddler 5.3 Oz. Lap Shoulder T-Shirt
Posted:5/16/2019 11:22:34 PM
Reviewer:Brandon Crayton

I shop for my clothes online including my kid’s shirts. I found out about this Rabbit Skins brand from an ad. Anyway, the shirts look good on my twin angels. The fabric fits perfectly and they all feel soft and smooth. I’m sure they’re hypoallergenic so I highly recommend this shirt to all.

Rabbit Skins R3400 Toddler 5.3 Oz. Lap Shoulder T-Shirt
Posted:5/16/2019 11:22:11 PM
Reviewer:Jada Humphries

We don’t really dress too fancy here in hot summery Florida so I make sure my kids wear comfy and cool clothes. A friend recommended me Rabbit Skins and I can say that I’m happy I tried her advice. The shirts are soooo cute! The craftsmanship feels premium. And the colors are bright and look really cute.

Rabbit Skins R3400 Toddler 5.3 Oz. Lap Shoulder T-Shirt
Posted:5/15/2019 10:02:12 PM
Reviewer:Colby Kirkland

I’m a bit let down by the quality of the shirts. The fabric is okay. It is soft and smooth. But the shirts I got looked old! As if they were from an old stock. The colors look pale and washed out. The shirts fit perfectly, but the shirts are good as home clothes only.