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Baby blankets are some of the most useful and popular of baby gifts. While many people go the handmade route, not all of us are so skilled. Besides which, handcrafted baby blankets are often fragile and really more useful as collector’s pieces. A nice, solid fleece blanket is much more durable and functional. At, you can find a wide variety of blanket types and sizes with various useful features at affordable prices that are sure to please both mom and baby.

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As low as $11.18Port & Company BP78
Unisex Sizes: OS
2 Colors
As low as $15.98Port Authority TB850
Unisex Sizes: OS
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As low as $9.08Harriton M999
Toddler Sizes: OS
11 Colors
As low as $31.98Port Authority BP40
Men Sizes: OSFA - OS
4 Colors
As low as $14.27UltraClub 8482
Unisex Sizes: OS
4 Colors
As low as $19.98Port Authority BP30
Men Sizes: OSFA - OS
5 Colors
As low as $22.99Rothco 10238
Unisex Sizes: OS
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Baby blankets provide a number of uses. Many kids become attached to a particular blanket and just can’t leave home without it. Several of our fleece blankets come with convenient blanket straps to make transporting quick and easy. Tiny infants can be wrapped up and swaddled in thinner thermal or receiving blankets, while thicker fleece blankets can be used to cover baby when being carried outside or used as a play mat on the floor or ground. Cozy fleece blankets can also be used as a cuddly warm sleeping blanket for older children. Remember to never use loose blankets with newborns. Check out our tiny tots pages for other useful infant and toddler items, including onesies, caps, and bibs.

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Harriton M999 Toddlers 12.7 oz. Fleece Blanket
Posted:8/28/2013 12:13:07 AM
Reviewer:Nancy Betty

I bought it for my baby, fabric quality is great and I love the fact that it has come in so many colors.