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Golf Polo T-Shirts

Golf Polo Shirts

Despite the name, golf polo shirts weren’t originally designed for either golf or polo. Instead, they started out life as replacements for awkward tennis uniforms that were uncomfortable and restricted movement. The first design was created and worn by tennis pro René Lacoste back in 1926. It didn’t take long before other athletes took notice of the ease of movement provided by this tennis shirt, and it was quickly adopted by first polo players and then golfers. Designed to be both stylish and functional, today’s golf polo shirt can be found on the tennis court, the golf green, the polo field, the board room, and everywhere in between. showcases a wide variety of affordable golf polo shirts at wholesale prices that are easily accessible to the public.

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          8532Buy Wholesale UltraClub Clothing 
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          437MLBuy Wholesale Jerzees Clothing 
          7 Colors
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          CH110Buy Wholesale Chestnut Hill Clothing 
          6 Colors
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          8542Buy Wholesale UltraClub Clothing 
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          M265WBuy Wholesale Harriton Clothing 
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          054Buy Wholesale Hanes Clothing 
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          HS370WBuy Wholesale Harvard Square Clothing 
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          HS110Buy Wholesale Harvard Square Clothing 
          6 Colors
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          CH150WBuy Wholesale Chestnut Hill Clothing 
          3 Colors
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          8534Buy Wholesale UltraClub Clothing 
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          HY123Buy Wholesale Hyp Sportswear Clothing 
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          Popular with both men and women, golf polo shirts are designed to keep you cool and dry with the latest moisture wicking technologies that pull wetness away from your body so that it can be naturally evaporated into the air. Available in both long sleeve and short sleeve options, these trendy golf polo shirts can be worn any time of year. Stock up for year round wear and include some other necessities like golf towels, socks, and headwear.

          What Our Customers Are Saying

          Jerzees 6.1 oz. Heavyweight Cotton Jersey Polo
          Posted:3/12/2014 5:57:15 AM
          Reviewer:Jaime Cassandra

          Standard polo, nothing fancy. Fast shipping and fits pretty nice.

          Chestnut Hill Performance Plus Mercerized Polo
          Posted:3/12/2014 5:44:50 AM
          Reviewer:Lillian Taylor

          polo is super soft! Got two colors, and they still haven’t faded after a zillion washes

          Jerzees Men's 5.6 oz., 50/50 Jersey Polo with SpotShield™
          Posted:2/27/2014 4:27:02 AM
          Reviewer:Maya Nathaniel

          I was looking for the perfect style of polo for my father. Finally got my favorite style shirt, suitable for various sporty and casual events