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Gemline 4976 Unisex Surge Sport Cinchpack
Posted:9/9/2013 12:00:33 AM
Reviewer:Martin Hall

These sport cinch are strong, durable and really cute!

UltraClub 8886 Unisex Value Drawstring Sport Pack
Posted:8/23/2013 8:52:01 PM

Ideally you wouldn't need to use eihter of these. Implement Deft, have your view components passed into your controller, and you should be good to go.You should only be updating view items that belong in the view that your controller is controlling, and it should only be accessing the view items to add listeners (Deft takes care of this), or update the view with model changes.

Gemline 4976 Unisex Surge Sport Cinchpack
Posted:8/15/2013 1:17:01 AM
Reviewer:Baker Edwards

These bags look pretty classy, I was given three of these as a gift to my friends. We love them because they all are so comfortable.