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Dickies Medical Scrubs ( Items)

Dickies Medical is a bulk wholesaler that supplies a wide range of Dickies medical scrubs and uniforms for men and women. Discount prices apply to all items, so you make substantial savings on retail prices. Buy pants and tops separately in a wide range of colors and styles. Dickies’ men’s pants come in two styles; drawstring waist or zip fly, pull-on with elastic at the rear. Both styles give a smart appearance and are highly practical. Dickies women’s pants come in drawstring waist or pull-up styles, both with plenty of pockets.

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Page 1 of 1212345» also supplies matching Dickies tops to go with the pants in various men’s and women’s styles. Dickies V-neck scrub tops are offered in male and female fittings in different colors. There is also the option of a mock wrap-around top for women. Fit is generous and comfortable as any clothing for medical professionals needs to be. Tops can be customized with your logo or message on front back, shoulders, sleeves or left/right chest. GotApparel also sell Dickies’ snap-front and button-up lab coats that you can customize with logo and message just as with the tops. You might also need scrub hats and medical shoes to complete your hospital uniform needs.
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  • Kingston Crosby

    6/25/2020 11:39:58 PM
    Dickies Medical

    These scrub pants are the job. I love them. All those pockets! Pockets on the front, back and thigh. How did I ever manage without all these places to carry the essentials of day to day veterinary nursing? They even make my ass look good. Not quite so happy aabout the color (Puce pink), but I will learn to live with it.

  • Alysha Milner

    6/24/2020 2:42:07 AM
    Dickies Medical

    I wanted to order the underscrub t-shirts for me and a group of friends, but I am the only one can get into an XS without it looking indecent. It is very comfortable under my scrub top and washes well, just that size issue, come on! This is America and women come in all sizes!

  • Anijah Epps

    6/22/2020 2:42:30 AM
    Dickies Medical

    I work in admin for a large medical practise with 14 MDs, nurses and admin staff. They had a meeting recently where they decided everyone would wear scrubs rather than suits or skirts and tops. The logic being that laundering scrubs was just a matter of throwing them into the machine and patients would feel reassured that everyone was wearing clean clothes, even though they were anyway. They decided to wear different colors on different days, so on a Monday, everyone from reception staff to doctor would wear blue, on a Tuesday they would wear black, ect.. I ordered samples from various companies, but after trying the all on a joint decision was made to settle on Dickies medical wear. This was partly because of the range of scrub tops and pants and partly because of the colors that were offered. So far everyone is very happy with their scrubs, despite a few people forgetting what color to wear on a given day.