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One of the most versatile and useful accessories one can own is a scarf.  Cheap scarves can be used in so many different ways that it is practically limitless.  At Gotapparel.com, we have a wide variety of inexpensive scarf styles and colors that are sure to provide you with an unending variety for your wardrobe.  With our discounted prices, especially on bulk orders, you can save on purchases for yourself, friends, and family from popular name brands like Port Authority, Sport-Tek, and District Threads.

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Traditionally, soft scarves are worn one of two ways:  around the neck and across the lower half of the face.  When worn around the neck, they help to keep cold air from sneaking inside through the neck hole of your coat or jacket.  During particularly biting cold days and nights, you might want to use a scarf to cover the exposed areas of your face to stay warm and avoid frostbite.  However, in addition to these practical uses for fun scarves, they can also be used as fashion accessories.  Add a bit of fall or wintery flair by wrapping a scarf around the neck with trailing ends or tie it around the waist for snazzy belt.  Search our accessories pages to create matching sets of gloves, hats, or bandanas for the ultimate fashion statement.

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Port Authority FS03 Women Extra Long Fleece Scarf
Posted:9/16/2013 5:10:59 AM
Reviewer:Kevin Nancy

These scarves were so versatile and soft! They are just as wonderful as they were advertised.I definitely got my money's worth.