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Tie Dyed & Multi Color T-Shirts ( Items)

Inexpensive tie dyed t-shirts and sweatshirts are a unique way to set a festive tone for your party or group. With a wide variety of unusual colors and color combinations, cheap tie dyed t-shirts help encourage a laid back feeling for your entire family, team, or company. Affordable tie dyed t-shirts are created by hand to create the distinctive from swirls and spirals everyone loves. Unique tie dyed t-shirts make surprising gifts for all kinds of people. You can easily set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd with a splash of bright, happy colors. The tie dyed t-shirts offered by come in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes.

The term “tie dyed” is actually a recently created phrase from the 1960’s that describes fabric dying techniques that go back to ancient times. The true name is resist-dyeing. Ancient forms of tie dyeing have been found all over the world, including the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Worthy of special mention are the Japanese technique of shibori and the Indian batik. Even though tie dyed t-shirts are mostly associated with bright colors and wild color combinations, most ancient designs and techniques focused on more subtle colors and repeating patterns. If the tie dyed look isn’t quite your style, check out our vast inventory of other t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories for men, women, and kids.