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Gemline Tote Bags ( Items)

Gemline has been in business over 55 years importing high quality bags, business accessories, gifts, and writing instruments. provides Gemline tote bags at wholesale prices saving you money, so you can fill your Gemline tote bags with other exciting purchases. Tote bags are versatile items useful for carrying items and supplies for a wide variety of activities, from sport’s equipment, groceries, children’s toys, personal items, and whatever else you can imagine. Affordable tote bags are a must for coaches, parents, teachers, and travelers who need to take extra supplies with them to various activities or need to carry supplies for several people.

Gemline 115 Unisex Economy Tote at GotApparel
4 out of 5
$3.69$4.8023% OFF
Gemline 127 Unisex Ensign's Boat Bag at GotApparel
4 out of 5
$9.35$12.1623% OFF
Gemline 220 Unisex Colored Handle Tote at GotApparel
3 out of 5
$4.99$6.4823% OFF
Gemline 120 Unisex All-Purpose Tote at GotApparel
5 out of 5
$6.55$8.5123% OFF
Gemline has a full in-house team of designers and has four product launches a year. Their innovative creativity has kept the company growing and thriving since 1958. offers several different types of affordable tote bags, including economy totes, ensign’s boat totes, captain’s boat totes, colored handle totes, contemporary totes, all-purpose totes, and recycled laminated tote bags. Whatever your tote bag needs, Gemline has an affordable and stylish tote bag that will be the perfect fit. Tote bags are a great way to bring along extra items and accessories, such as towels, socks, headwear, and sandals.