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Gemline Tote Bags ( Items)

Gemline has been an importer of high quality business accessories for over 55 years. provides a variety of Gemline bags at wholesale prices to save you tons of money. Affordable Gemline bags are highly versatile items. They can be used to carry all kinds of items and supplies for all your busy activities, like sport’s items, groceries, children’s toys, personal stuff, and whatever else you might need. Affordable Gemline bags are a must for coaches, athletes, parents, teachers, travelers, or anyone who needs to have extra supplies with them to cover various needs or has to carry supplies for several different people.

Gemline is a full service company with a full in-house team of designers. They consistently have four product launches a year to share their latest products and ideas. Their innovative creations have kept the company growing and thriving ever since they started in 1958. offers several different types of affordable Gemline bags, including tote bags, portfolios, regatta race totes, cinch packs, and cargo boxes. Whatever your tote bag needs might be, Gemline can provide you with an affordable and stylish bag that will be the ideal fit. Inexpensive bags are a fabulous way to bring along extra items and accessories, such as towels, socks, headwear, and sandals.