Gemline has over 55 years of professional experience importing high quality bags, business accessories, gifts, and writing instruments. has a variety of Gemline bags at wholesale prices saving you money, so you have plenty of cash left over for whatever you need to put in your new Gemline tote bags. Affordable Gemline bags and totes are versatile pieces of equipment that can hold all kinds of things for a wide variety of activities, from sport’s equipment, groceries, children’s toys, personal items, and whatever else you might have need to carry with you. Affordable bags are a must for coaches, parents, teachers, and travelers who often need a wide variety of extra items to be prepared for anything.

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    Gemline’s full in-house team of designers work hard to push out four product launches a year. Their focus on constantly looking for new ideas and concepts has kept the company growing and thriving since 1958. offers several different gemline bags, including  tote bags, portfolios, regatta race totes, cinch packs, and cargo boxes. Whatever need to carry, we have an affordable and stylish tote bag that will be the perfect fit. Tote bags are the best way to haul extra items and accessories, such as towels, socks, headwear, and sandals.

    Gemline All Purpose Tote Bag Reviews

    Vivian 1/15/2014 4:15:51 AM

    It always makes me pleased when place my order from GotApparel, got so many compliments from my friends! Always had a nice online shopping experience!

    Gemline Contemporary Tote Reviews

    Jordan Manuel 1/9/2014 11:58:31 PM

    I had been looking for a tote bag for quite some time now, finally found one here, one that I actually liked. I was really amazed the great quality and the fact that it looks good with anything I wear!

    Gemline Surge Sport Cinch Reviews

    Martin Hall 9/9/2013 12:00:33 AM

    These sport cinch are strong, durable and really cute!