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Cherokee Apparel ( Items) is a wholesale supplier of Cherokee athletic and casual wear for men and women. The website has a massive range of styles and sizes of athletic footwear, skirts, shorts and pants. Items are available in a wide range of modern color options. Cherokee pants for women come in low-rise and mid-rise designs and in boot-leg and straight leg styles with pull-on elasticated, drawstring or knit waist options. Men’s pants have a fly-front. Cherokee athletic shoes for are offered in various styles; men’s, women’s, and unisex shoes. All footwear carries the FILA® logo on the side or near the back of the shoe.

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Page 2 of 17«12345» carries a massive range of bulk, wholesale men’s and women’s Cherokee apparel ranging from athletic shoes to pants for all ages and sizes. Most items come at a good discount compared to retail prices, so you can make a profit, even if you sell the apparel at a discount to your customers. You can customize all Cherokee tops with your logo or other wording. Customized printing or embroidery can be ordered in different positions including; chest (left or right), top of sleeve (left or right), and front or back (centered). also sells all kinds of apparel, from bras to suit separates.
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  • Dries Kluvers

    6/25/2020 11:28:41 PM

    Not happy – The doctors where I work decided we couldn’t wear our own shoes or runners to work any more. We have to wear Fila athletic shoes that they have bought in bulk from this site. The shoes are o k, but that’s all. The style isn’t one I would choose myself. They are wearable, but that’s it. Not a good decision.

  • Kai Parker

    6/24/2020 2:36:13 AM

    For some time I had not been happy about the assortment of scrubs everyone was wearing. As a veterinarian, I am a professional and think we need to appear professional, and by that I mean in smart scrubs with our logo on the sleeve. We trialed a few sets, but I thought these looked smarter, so I made an executive decision and placed an order. Most people are happy and the clients have commented that the new uniforms look very smart, like we are a hospital. Job done, objective achieved.

  • Samarj Devadhikar

    6/22/2020 2:36:37 AM

    I like to wear my new scrubs. They are fit well and are modest. I love that I could find my size, which is not something I can always do. As a nurse I need scrubs that are easy to wash and that are stain resistant, because sometimes lets face it, things happen on the ward when you are least prepared for them. Knowing that I can just throw the scrubs in the washer and have them come out like new is important to me.