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What Our Customers Are Saying

Augusta 1223 Girls Enthuse Short
Posted:7/14/2019 9:52:26 PM
Reviewer:Pauline J.

These shorts is true to size. It is also stretchable so even if she puts on a bit of weight or bulk, I think it would still fit her nicely. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and I am glad that my daughter finds the shorts very comfortable to wear.

Augusta 1223 Girls Enthuse Short
Posted:7/11/2019 9:49:20 PM
Reviewer:James T.

I am ecstatic that I was able to make my first purchase online for my daughter and she really loves the shorts I got her. I received the package myself and checked it under my wife’s supervision. I agree with her that it is a great looking pair of shorts. It does not look like it was sewn together in a rush.

Augusta 1223 Girls Enthuse Short
Posted:7/10/2019 10:57:30 PM
Reviewer:Beverly Smith

The price of these shorts is what I like the most. The sizing is also good. It is a good fit for my kid, especially the inseam. I personally find it a bit too short on her, but it is probably because she is taller than average kids her age. But she likes the shorts, so I am good with it.