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What Our Customers Are Saying

Augusta 704 Boys Training Tank
Posted:7/15/2019 9:23:40 PM
Reviewer:Shandy Stubbs

Here in Hawaii, tank tops are very common. I got these jerseys for my kid’s daily use. They like to skate around the seaside park and I told them to wear jerseys. (So I won’t have to deal with sweaty shirts). So far, we all love it. I’m happy I bought these.

Augusta 704 Boys Training Tank
Posted:7/14/2019 9:40:58 PM
Reviewer:Troy Wiggins

Can’t believe I’m doing a jersey review but Augusta makes fine products. If my kids are happy, I’m also happy. I tried wearing one of the jerseys I bought (one of my boys is size L) and I fit nicely. The fabric works as advertise against sweat. I feel fresh and stayed dry during a game. It is a must-buy!

Augusta 704 Boys Training Tank
Posted:7/11/2019 9:36:38 PM
Reviewer:Delorean Woody

I love Augusta products. I actually bought a few of their products. But this jersey is really a letdown. My main issue is the size of the armholes. They are too small and thus feels too restrictive in the armpit area. My kid feels uncomfy at times.