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What Our Customers Are Saying

Augusta 1241 Girls Low Rise Homerun Pant
Posted:7/14/2019 9:53:34 PM
Reviewer:Louisa Evergreen

Thank you for the fast delivery of these pants. My daughter needed this for a training camp and we received it before she left for their trip. We bought it as a replacement for an old pant she has. She likes this Augusta pant and says it is very comfortable to wear.

Augusta 1241 Girls Low Rise Homerun Pant
Posted:7/11/2019 9:50:35 PM
Reviewer:Cathy Gray

I was asked to buy a dozen of differently sized softball pants. I liked how easy it was to order them and they arrived in a neat package. Nothing was damaged and I got it well ahead of when we needed it for. I also checked each item and expected some loose stitches and there were none.

Augusta 1241 Girls Low Rise Homerun Pant
Posted:7/10/2019 11:03:06 PM
Reviewer:Marilyn L.

As a mother of very active kids, washing their clothes can be a challenge. I am satisfied that my daughter’s Augusta softball pant is easy to wash. She sometimes brings it home full of caked dirt and I am already prepared for it. I appreciate that it is not hard to get stains off these pants.